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Tumblr: my almost-journal. The reason I refer to it as "almost" is because it has short entries only -- which you could say is the norm on this website. :3


Livejournal: definitely my real-journal on the web. This journal is one of my favorites on the web. Why? Well it has great communities of course! <3


Photobucket: my online storage for still photos and gifs. It contains photos made by others which I use and credit as well as my own photos that I made. :D


Fanfiction: basically its where I publish all my fanfiction. It's a great place if you want your fanfics to be noticed. ;)

Greeting Message

Hello there, I see you have found your way to my little "fan" site: Leisure Stars (@ Yola). I can only guess how you have managed to find yourself here because really I'm not well known around the web (at least since the last time I checked) -- its either through one of my journals (on tumblr and livejournal -- crazy that I have two, right?) or the mega search engine to which I have submitted the link to my site (I want to be found and to be known -- a little). Anyways enough about my queries.

I can't guarantee that you will love this site as much as I do (hey, I made it :D) -- be warned as this site focuses on certain relationships that you may or may not support (what else is the purpose of a fansite besides the general term -- general terms are always too much work to maintain) from many different media sources (see list of couples here) -- by media sources I mean tv, movies, and books -- and sarcastic comments.

If you think you can not tolerate all of this then I advise you leave now. I don't tolerate flames, but criticism is welcome. If you can tolerate all of this then great. :D I hope you will enjoy your visit. <3


Week of February 14, 2011: I admit I've been pretty lazy this week (I was much too busy writing new YJ fanfics) so I apologize for the few updates. :)

  • Two new links for WallyxDick have been added -- the links are too the YJ Forum and the YJ Twitter. I love these so much and I highly recommend that you pay them a visit. ;)

  • I created an account at FF.net! -- its really just a place where I place all my new fanfics.

Week of February 7, 2011: Well this week has certainly been busy. I've had little time to do things because of school. However what I did do is this:

  • I linked a whole new set of MerlinxArthur fics -- I have been planning this for over a month now so hopefully its worth it. PS - the new fics are not marked. Next time I add more fics I will mark it.

  • The layout of the shrines page has been changed -- this is so that the shrines will be easier to navigate and understand. So far there is only two colors dark pink (for unofficial couples) and light blue (for official couples). In the future I hope to add one more color: light green (this can be official or unofficial, the only difference is that this kind of shrine will be really small).


Week of January 31, 2011:

  • The shrine of HiccupxAstrid is finally complete (and to think it only took me about two days to do it :3) -- this shrine is not like the other shrines, though. For one thing this shrine will not have a "Reference" section or an "Extras" section (the extras section is replaced by "Links"). This is because this shrine is about an "establed couple"; its the main couple of the series. But other than that everything else is the same so I hope you enjoy the shrine. ;)
  • The ratings from all the fic recs has been deleted -- the ratings were different from each other because they did not come from the same site (its usually from fanfiction.net or livejournal which has different ratings). I didn't want it to confuse anyone so therefore I deleted it.
  • The shrine of WallyxDick has been added to the collection (and its finished!) -- I only started creating this shrine since when last Sunday? Yea, I think thats about right, and to think that about a week from that very day I finally finished it (hurrah!). I hope you guys enjoy the shrine!
  • All picture files, located everywhere, but the main page has been link to their previous sources -- I just wanted to give the site a more professional look. :3


Week of January 24, 2011: Midterms and snow days ruled the entire month of January, making me too busy to do any site updates. Not that I had any intention of updating until the end of Midterms anyways. But eventually I did and now I give you the first ever weekly update! :3

  • The color and layout of the shrines have been changed -- this is to so that the menus (of each shrine) wouldn't be so big. The only reasons the colors were changed is so that it would match the menus.

  • The index page has changed -- I grew tired of the design and plus I had to make room for the updates section. (by the way you cannot follow this update by rss so if you want to keep updated on the site be sure to visit once a week)

  • The shrine of HiccupxAstrid has just been added -- for now it only has the main page and their bios. The rest of the pages will be added later by next week around monday (that is if I'm not busy).
  • The "Current Shrine" listing has just been made into vertical slideshow (via vertical marquee) -- its so that the it won't get cluttered because I intend to show all my favorite couples.. ;)

Future Shrines

Current Shrines

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